yuanyu chen

yuanyu chen

Hello! Welcome to my portfolio site of sorts, because I like making things and documentation is always a good thing. Here are some projects I've worked on (including this website itself, which is powered by Jekyll and some old fashioned hand-typed CSS). I've chosen to include only the larger projects for brevity's sake, and I hope you enjoy reading about them!

Email me at hi@y2c.me

Mr. Sparkles

I made a bicycle frame! Click here to read more.


flash.it was an LED climbing wall built for Burning Man 2013. I designed the climbing holds and all associated circuitry, while friends built and painted the the 12 ft tall wall. Click here to read more.

CNC Mill

For my microcontrollers course, 6.115, I built a 2.5 axis CNC mill for my final project. Click here to read more.

Brass Rat

An MIT tradition is to receive a class ring, affectionately dubbed the “brass rat”, at the end of your sophomore year. However, the rat only comes in gold, silver, and stainless steel, with no option for an actual brass rat. Click here to read more.

Swift Navigation

Hardware Engineer

I am currently a Hardware Engineer at Swift Navigation, a startup that works on low-cost differential ("RTK") GPS hardware and the resulting software stack.


Electrical Engineering Intern

In summer 2015, I was an Electrical Engineering Intern at Microsoft, working on a yet-to-be-released Surface product.


Mechanical Design Engineer

For a little over 2 years, I worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer in the Manufacturing Design group at Apple. I worked on process development of soft goods products (Apple Watch Bands, iPad covers and cases, and iPhone cases), engineering manufacturability from early stage prototypes to production.


Mechanical Engineering Intern

In summer 2011, I was a Mechanical Engineering Intern at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.


S.B. Mechanical Engineering, 2012

At MIT, I studied Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in EE/Robotics. I was also a lab assistant for 6.115 (Microcontrollers Lab) and 2.678 (Electronics for Mechanical Engineers).

Some classes I took at the 'tvte:
  • 2.72 - Elements of Mechanical Design
  • 2.75 - Precision Machine Design
  • 6.115 - Microcontrollers Lab
  • 6.131 - Power Electronics
  • MAS.863 - How to Make [Almost] Anything
  • 6.302 - Feedback Systems


M.S. Electrical Engineering, 2016

I recently finished a Master's in Electrical Engineering, concentrating in analog/RF electronics. I was also a TA for EE 251 and EE 308.

Some courses I took included:
  • EE 214A&B - Intro & Advanced IC Design
  • EE 251 - High Frequency Circuit Design Lab
  • EE 273 - Digital Systems Engineering
  • EE 308 - Advanced Circuit Techniques
  • EE 314A - RF IC Design
  • EE 414 - RF Transceiver Design Lab